How do Spammers Come Across your Email Address?

As long as you are using emails, the threat of spasms will always be there. There is no permanent solution to it. What the spammers do is not something that can be termed radical. Instead, they will find your email address from one of the mailing list, which is easily available online.
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Once they find your email address, they will start sending spam emails, which eventually finds its way to your email inbox. And the problem never gets resolved. Despite having adequate security measures, these emails keep coming, thus increasing your agony and frustration.

Is your email address publicly available online?

First of all, your email address is not available in the public domain. However, when you make it a point to use a free webmail address like Gmail, it becomes easy for the spammers to find your Gmail id.
 Since there are plenty of users, using the same domain, it is common knowledge that most of the names are already in use. Just by guessing, the spammers can find your email address.
The only thing that you can do is to possibly have a unique and difficult address, which the spammers can’t really think about.

Spammers do make use of robots
As of now,  the spammers do make use of robots, whose main task is to find common sources for email addresses. These robots scan the pages and find the common links, in order to locate the email address.
One of the most common ways to locate Gmail address is to visit the various forums and web-based interfaces, where there is a higher chance of finding an email address in abundance.

Some useful tips you can make use of
  •          Try to disguise your email address for a change.
  •          Always insist on using a disposable email address.
  •          Encoding the email address can also be of immense assistance.
  •          Update your Gmail program and patch it for better efficiency.
  •          Never reply or open any unsolicited attachments.
  •          Scan your email on a regular basis.

Even after taking extreme precautions, you will never find a complete solution. The spammers are always a step ahead since they have the technology at their disposal. Other than hoping that your precautionary measures work, there is no other option left.

There might other issues as well, wherein you might have difficulty accessing your Gmail account. In these circumstances, it is the professionals who can provide the desired solution. For this reason, you can use the Google customer service phone number and by doing so, you will instantly get the desired assistance to fix the issue, almost immediately. 

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